Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol 1 1999-2001


I reviewed Vol 3 of this series a little in the past so here is Vol 1. It collects editorials and articles found in Japans Model Graphix magazine from Feb 1999 - Dec 2001. Im a huge HUGE fan of master Kow's design and kit bashing, so of course this volume was a must have for me- but I would recommend Vol 3 found in one of my past reviews if you're just getting into his work or just want to buy ONE of these books. They're imports and probably about $80US, which can be considered rather pricey for a book. Dont get me wrong though- this is packed with photos of Kow, his studio, Ma.K. modeling how to's, and all the awesome photographs and dioramas you would come to expect from a Ma.K. book, along with quite a lot of editorial articles all in Japanese. Like I said, it's a must have for me and I'd hazard a guess if you're checking out my art blog, a must have for you too.
I think I bought mine through Hobby Link Japan but you can also find it on Amazon or even better prices can sometimes be found on Ebay.

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol 1 1999.2 - 2001.12
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Dai Nippon Kaiga (2011
253 pages (SC)
11.6 x 8.4 x .07 inches
ISBN-13 978-4499230476