S.F.3.D. Chronicles 1982.5 - 1984.7

Here's book one of the two book S.F.3.D. Chronicles set, documenting the published work of master kit basher and designer Kow Yokoyama between the years of 1982-1984. Im pretty sure all these photographs and bonus materials appeared in various Japanese hobby mags, most likely the benchmark hobby mag of them all, Hobby Japan. Unfortunately the clarity of the pictures are not fantastic. Im not sure why that is, perhaps the shots are lost or printing standards (thankfully) aren't what they once were- but all these pictures look like pictures of pictures and are quite "grainy".
Still, the brilliant designs, dioramas, and well lit shots are so bad ass to behold, and it all looks like a believable future even though it was 30 years ago when these photos were taken. Timeless, and Kow Yokoyama will be a well regarded "futurist" for many many years to come.
If youre not familiar with Mr Yokoyama's work, his other books such as M.a.K. Chronicles are probably better books to buy- but if youre a full on, drop anything and everything for Kow type of fan, like me, you will really dig this two book set. Sketches, comics, diorama photos and making ofs, as well as a wealth modeling tips (all in Japanese) fill this two book, slip cased set. Stay tuned for a review of Vol 2; 1984-1985

S.F.3.D Chronicles 1982.5 - 1984.7
Hobby Japan Publishing (2010)
202 Pages (SC) Slip Cased
8.25 x 11.5 x .33
ISBN978-4-7986-0101-4 C0076

Im not really finding any prices for this set on the web but there are definitely copies out there. probably bet on paying 80 buckaroos for the imported publication


Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol 1 1999-2001


I reviewed Vol 3 of this series a little in the past so here is Vol 1. It collects editorials and articles found in Japans Model Graphix magazine from Feb 1999 - Dec 2001. Im a huge HUGE fan of master Kow's design and kit bashing, so of course this volume was a must have for me- but I would recommend Vol 3 found in one of my past reviews if you're just getting into his work or just want to buy ONE of these books. They're imports and probably about $80US, which can be considered rather pricey for a book. Dont get me wrong though- this is packed with photos of Kow, his studio, Ma.K. modeling how to's, and all the awesome photographs and dioramas you would come to expect from a Ma.K. book, along with quite a lot of editorial articles all in Japanese. Like I said, it's a must have for me and I'd hazard a guess if you're checking out my art blog, a must have for you too.
I think I bought mine through Hobby Link Japan but you can also find it on Amazon or even better prices can sometimes be found on Ebay.

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol 1 1999.2 - 2001.12
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Dai Nippon Kaiga (2011
253 pages (SC)
11.6 x 8.4 x .07 inches
ISBN-13 978-4499230476

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol. 2


Well here is Vol 2 of the Maschinen Krieger Graphix series collecting articles and photographs from the Model Graphics magazine out of Japan between 2002 and 2005. If youve been to this blog before you know how much I gush about this guy so I wont bore you with the who and hows of Master Kow Yokoyama, but as far as this edition goes you have to be a real Ma.K. SF3D freak to pick this up. Most of the good stuff is found in Mashinen Krieger Vol2 Chronicle and Encyclopedia which is a much nicer book and presentation but theres some good stuff in here and I had to complete the set- but in all honesty the picture of those two kids in the bottom left hand side of my collection of images from the book cracks me up so much everytime I see it that I had, I just had to buy this. Lookit those guys- such great characters. Haha, Im still laughing....

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol 2 2002 - 2005
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Dai Nippon Kaiga (2011)

11.6 x 8.4 x .07 inches

Pretty pricey but I imagine youre gonna pay about $70 US for this volume

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol. 3


Here's another really cool book from kit-bashing scultpture master Kow Yokoyama, Im pretty sure it's the combined collection of Ma.k. articles from the Japanese hobby magazine Model Graphix from January 2006 through December 2010. If youre not familiar with master Kow's model making I would recommend you start with one of his other books, but if youre a die hard Ma.k. fan such as myself this is a great addition to the collection. Drawings, models, fully lit and photographed dioramas, as well as modeling tips (in japanese) and photos of Kow and Ma.k. fans from conventions and art opening fill this third volume of Model Graphix collections. Stay tuned for future reviews and peaks from Volume 1, and 2. Theres 244 pages in this book with pictures absolutely packed within each page, but above are a handful of my favorites that were easy to photograph with my iphone. I think these books are about $60 US new, but the older ones that are out of print can cost quite a bit more- so if you see one online or at your local book resources you should definitely pick them up if you can-

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol. 3
Kow Yokoyama
Ma.K. ZbV 3000
244 (SC)
ISBN 978-4-499-23084-1
8.5 x 11.5 x 5/8

Art of "Farewell to Weapons"




I cant say enough about the last story in Otomo's latest film "A Farewell to Weapons" It is the best thing Ive ever seen.  An APC with a mobile infantry team exploring a post-apocalyptic environment, with an elaboration of all of todays current military hardware. These guys stumble upon a GONK- the movements and anti-RPG armor screens are unmatched of any other mech Ive seen animated. Argh there is so much cool detailing in this short- Im freaking out just thinking about it even though its been months since I last viewed Short Peace.
Well this is the art book for Farewell to Weapons. It has all the original designs (both drawings and kitbashed models) that appeared in the comic as well as Otomo's monograph, Kaba. And all the model sheets for everything you see in the short are in here- I had the hardest time editing it down to my usual 800x1600 book review format. Painfully hardtime.
I paid about $45 for this at Kinokuniya and its worth every penny.